Lisa Mullins

ParentBlocked - CEO


Quick Bio

Lisa founded ParentBlocked in September 2013. She came up with the brilliant idea for this app when she saw a need for a tool to manage her daughter’s smartphones and smartmouths. As a single mother who works full time, Lisa gave her two daughter’s smartphones so she could keep in contact with them and so they could enjoy fun apps and chat with friends. Soon the girls became attached to their phones and didn’t want to turn them off, using them at bedtime, during school, dinner and homework time. When Lisa would take away their phones as a punishment, it was her that was inconvenienced and this caused her stress. It was a horrible feeling not being in contact with them, wondering where they were and if they were okay. She tried many ways to control this, but nothing seemed to work. True to Lisa’s innovative spirit, she came up with the idea of ParentBlocked, so she could have the ability to ground their smartphones on the spot while still allowing them the ability to keep their phone and maintain phone or texting abilities with her and other preselected phone numbers.

Lisa hopes this will help children around the world schedule their time more appropriately, drive more safely and spend more quality time with family.

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