Rob Vickery

Change Agent - Founder & CEO


Quick Bio

Rob is a Founder of CHANGE AGENT, an angel investor, speaker and an international executive with over a decade of experience working with Transatlantic companies and entrepreneurs.

Founded on the thesis that the entertainment industry has been permanently fractured by new technology, talent and distribution. CHANGE AGENT exists to offer transformative services and capital to cutting edge entertainment technology companies who are rebuilding it.
Founded with international music and entertainment icon, Dave Stewart, Rob and the rest of the CHANGE AGENT team comprises the very best thinking and expertise in venture capital due diligence and early stage company strategy alongside access to truly world-changing business development opportunities and connections.

Prior to CHANGE AGENT, Rob created the Entertainment and Technology Divison for BNY Mellon and was the Head of North America for Lloyds Banking Group, Europe’s largest bank.

Rob is also on the board of the British American Business Council, South Central Scholars and the Chairman of the School of Business & Entrepreneurship at Dorsey High School.

Outside of hustling and doing deals, Rob is an avid snowboarder, hiker, illustrator and amateur paleontologist.


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