Barrett Ward

FashionABLE - Founder/CEO


Quick Bio

While living in Ethiopia, Barrett Ward saw firsthand how extreme poverty forced so many young girls and women to make dangerous choices for money. Barrett wanted to figure out a way to give women another choice – one that would provide an opportunity to earn a living, rather than establish a dependency on charity. For this purpose, fashionABLE was conceived. fashionABLE is a line of beautifully woven scarves, blankets and handcrafted leather goods that works with women in Africa to start small business cooperatives while also partnering with businesses who have fair wage and hiring practices for women. fashionABLE helps employ over 100 women in Ethiopia, and now 30 HIV+ women in Kenya. Since its creation in 2010, fashionABLE has sold 52,000 products, providing customers with the opportunity to be a part of a global solution to poverty by helping create jobs that lead to dignity and worth.

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