Tiffanie Stanard

Prestige Concepts LLC - Founder/CEO


Quick Bio

Tiffanie Stanard is a technology influencer, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, named by Femme and Fortune Magazine as one of the 30 Under 30 Inspiring Women in Philadelphia. For over seven years, Stanard has been the Founder and CEO of Prestige Concepts (PC). PC is a brand enhancement firm, specializing in marketing strategies and community outreach campaigns for clients within the technology, non-profit, lifestyle, entertainment, political, and corporate sectors.

Stanard is the Founder and CEO of We are MENT™, a lifestyle wearable technology company that connects females through a global network to learn, grow, and inspire. Our mission is to create technology solutions that enhance lifestyles; keeping you educated, healthy, safe, and entertained.

During years’ of working with non-profit organizations, Stanard created ConTechs, Connect + Tech = Community program, teaching technology and business skills to urban communities through a specialized curriculum. To date, ConTechs has provided over 4,000 hours of training partnering with local and national partners.

In 2015, Stanard became a Keynote Speaker for Microsoft’s STEM program, a national event organized in over 10 citites. Stanard’s keynote speech, “Find Your Voice with Technology” explores five steps for all ages to become builders of innovation.

Stanard’s motto to entrepreneurs: “Accomplish Forgotten Dreams™”.

Read more about Tiffanie at TiffanieStanard.com

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