Della Rucker

Wise Economy Workshop/EngagingCities - Principal/Managing Editor


Quick Bio

Della G. Rucker has helped citizens, businesses, governments and nonprofits improve their communities' futures for about 20 years. Della has consulted, written and trained people to create strategies for economic revitalization, and to enable meaningful public participation. Della is one of about 10 private sector persons in the United States to hold the industry-standard professional certifications in both planning (AICP) and economic development (CEcD).

Della is the principal of the consulting firm Wise Economy Workshop. Della is also the author of _Crowdsourcing Wisdom: A guide to a guide to doing public meetings that actually make your community better (and won’t make people wish they hadn’t come)_ and _The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help_ She is also the author of the upcoming books _Online Public Engagement_, from Routledge Press, and _New Learning from Las Vegas_, from Wise Fool Press. Della also serves as the Managing Editor of EngagingCities, an online magazine that focuses on the intersection between internet technologies and community engagement with more than 30,000 readers worldwide. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Cincinnati.

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