Sheri Koetting

MSLK Design - Chief Strategist


Quick Bio

Sheri L Koetting is the Chief Marketing Strategist/Co-Founder of the NYC-based design firm MSLK where she merges innovative strategies with sophisticated design. Sheri has developed a proven method for transforming subjective ideas into objective solutions while focusing on the target audience’s perspective. Today, this practice has become part of an industry standard that MSLK has employed for clients such as Wigwam Mills, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Sean John, Tumi, and L’Oreal.

Sheri is an artist, designer, and industry curator, writing frequently for various beauty industry publications about design’s impact on business. In 2002 she co-founded Spark Design Professionals, an active non-profit group of design business owners. She is also a co-founder and key moderator of Evolve Symposium, an intensive two-day, bi-annual event hosting design principals from around the country who want to learn vital business practices and advanced strategies.

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