James Sinclair

EnterpriseJungle Inc - Co-Founder


Quick Bio

I am a mix of technology, growth hacker, business acceleration and generally shiny truck and new gadgets syndrome. All combined with a love of business acceleration. A Smörgåsbord of experience and expertise in creating, developing and bringing brands to market and revitalizing those that need a little refresh.

With a background in high tech with a number of moderate exits, and a current portfolio of tech incubator clients I have defined a niche to assist companies in business growth, market acceleration and operations management across multiple verticals and a keen focus on consumer acquisition, retention and monetization. A specialty in designing business relationships that accelerate growth.

A strong mix of companies with unique and challenging problems that need to be solved all the way from product to market. My current area of interest and passion is in the social enterprise and discovery space trying to find out how people and companies can accelerate goals and make their lives more efficient.

A results focused challenge consultant, never delivering a pyrrhic victory.

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