Riley Ennis

Immudicon - Founder


Quick Bio

Riley Ennis is a biotechnology and healthcare entrepreneur who is focused on revamping the broken infrastructure of the industry through personalized devices and therapies. He is founder of a biotechnology startup, Immudicon, and was recently selected as a Thiel Fellow in 2013. The company was founded based on three years of research on a cancer vaccine technology that teaches the immune cells of the body to recognize and remove tumors. Riley worked to receive over $10,000 in initial funding to start Immudicon, which is currently focused on licensing the cancer vaccine platform technology. The vaccine has been recognized by CNN, Google X, the American Society of Microbiology, the GE Focus Forward Competition, the Intel International Science Fair, and the National Young Inventors Gallery. Before starting the Thiel Fellowship in 2013, Riley was a rising Junior at Dartmouth College, pursuing a double major in economics and biology, and he worked at the Dartmouth Hitchcock-Medical Center on cancer nanotechnology research projects as a Dartmouth Science Scholar.

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