Jeb Ory

Phone2Action - CEO


Quick Bio

Jeb Ory is the CEO and Co-founder of Phone2Action, an award-winning, venture-backed technology company. He is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Financial Operations, and Strategy. Phone2Action creates digital social action tools for nonprofit and for-profit companies.

Ory, who has been featured and quoted in the New York Times, FoxBusiness, Forbes Small Business, the Chicago Tribune, Politico, and Campaigns in Elections, is a thought-leader in the civic technology sector. He’s on the selection board for Stanford University’s Social Impact Grants, an advisory member of Designing Chicago, and an alumnus of IMI Plc’s graduate development program. Jeb’s work has spanned three countries, including Singapore, Shanghai, and the United States, where he led a business unit at DCI Marketing, now a Marmon Group company and subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

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