Cheryl Engelhardt

CBE Music LLC - Founder/Composer/Branding Strategist


Quick Bio

Cheryl B. Engelhardt is the chief branding strategist and founder of CBE Music, a music and branding company that provides branding strategy, sonic solutions, scores, & songs to her clients. By giving films, videos, ads and businesses a sonic voice that communicates their purpose, story and experience, CBE Music’s clients (which have included Vimeo, Starbucks, College Humor, Honey Nut Cheerios, Tier One Services, to name a few) are able to develop a closer relationship with their clients and customers, which directly translates to consumer loyalty.

After graduating from Cornell University, Cheryl worked in the advertising industry for several years before exploring the life of a performing and recording artist, touring the world from the streets of LA to the mountains of Switzerland promoting her three piano-pop records. She has garnered over 40 TV and film placements with her songs and has scored dozens of commercials, films and web series. She has made it her purpose to be a catalyst for expression through creativity and partnership, which she brings to CBE Music and its clients every day. Cheryl also applies this purpose through her work with In The Key Of Success - a musicians’ resource website hosting courses, workshops and coaching, and shares her experiences as a speaker and panelist at events like SXSW, the ASCAP Expo, and various universities. More information at

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