Michelle Tripp

Nextonomy - Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Quick Bio

Michelle is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Nextonomy, a NYC-based startup in the cognitive computing space that uses “intention prediction” algorithms to optimize micro points in the user’s daily life, freeing up mindspace. As head of product at Nextonomy, Michelle envisions using smart data to help conserve mental energy on decisions that don’t require high-level thinking, while also reducing or eliminating input and gesture-based interactions.

Before transitioning from agency creative to startup founder, Michelle was an award-winning Creative Director and Brand Strategist with Idea Worldwide, recognized for her work in creative strategy and core values branding. In 2011 she was hired by information services firm Wolters Kluwer to develop an enterprise-level social business strategy and spent three years as a consultant for the company's digital product launches before joining Reyes Global, where she consulted social, biotech, and fintech startups on product development and branding.

Previously, Michelle worked as a strategist and creative on Fortune 500 and publicly-traded companies, ad agencies, and brands including Fidelity Investments, HCA Healthcare, Time Warner Cable, Whataburger, Humana, Sodexo, Texas State Aquarium, and Jack Daniels.

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