Transatlantic Tech: Britain’s Best and Brightest

Tuesday, July 21
4:30PM - 5:30PM
Raphael 1


Dan Rutstein
British Consulate General - Dir UK Trade & Investment


Justin Brown
Ideapod - Co-founder


Rob Vickery
Change Agent - Founder & CEO


Sheetal Walsh
Global Entrepreneur Programme/UKTI - Deal Maker for Global Entrepreneur Programme


London is the digital capital of Europe, but rich tech capabilities can be found across the whole of the UK. This country boasts one of the world’s strongest digital economies, known globally for its expertise in variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, fintech, app development, wireless tech, and video game development. This panel of experts with US and UK global business expertise will explore why the UK is such a successful market for entrepreneurs and startups.

VC investment in London for tech is 20 times greater than it was in 2000. One million digital tech jobs were advertised in 2014, which is growing at 28% annually. A stable, sophisticated, pro-business environment, full of tech-savvy early adopters, and the largest e-commerce market in Europe is attracting world class talent. Cities such as Cardiff (home to BBC Studios and the filming of Sherlock and Doctor Who) and Manchester (where £3.5 billion has been invested to create a global hub for the creative industries) are attracting hot new digital businesses. US entrepreneurs and startups are thriving in the UK. Could your company benefit from a transatlantic transition? Keep calm and learn what the UK can offer you.

Event Type:
Business Development and Strategy

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