The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Serial Groundbreaker

Monday, July 20
2:00PM - 3:00PM
Tower Ballroom 4


Damien Patton
Banjo - CEO


John Malloy
BlueRun Ventures - General Partner


Damien Patton, CEO of Banjo, is not the world’s most conventional CEO. Before founding Banjo, he enlisted in the Navy, was chief mechanic for a top NASCAR team, and even dusted for prints as a crime scene investigator. Eventually, his determination to solve any problem in front of him led him to the tech world, where he won hackathon after hackathon and eventually, created Banjo.

At Banjo, Damien and his team are building the world’s first crystal ball. Using advanced geo-location, image recognition and analysis technology, Banjo captures and organizes the virtually endless streams of global data created every second, and makes sense of that data to understand what’s happening anywhere in the world — instantly. Individuals, companies and organizations use Banjo’s technology to make smarter, faster decisions.

In his keynote, Damien will look back on his own entrepreneurial journey, from his early days in the military through his successes with Banjo. He’ll discuss how out-of-the-box thinking and sheer determination are the necessary ingredients to execute on ground-breaking ideas. Attendees will also hear how as a CEO, Damien has met and overcome setbacks and obstacles by staying agile and never being afraid to fail. He’ll delve into how entrepreneurs can think bigger, adapt to change and stay on the path toward their ultimate vision.

Finally, Damien and BlueRun Ventures Co-founder John Malloy will engage in a Q&A session after the keynote, touching on all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Event Type:
Creativity and Inspiration
entrepreneur agile vision

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