Leading the Startup UX from 0 to 100 Days

Tuesday, July 21
3:45PM - 4:15PM
Bellagio Tower Ballroom 4
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


Uday Gajendar
Peel - Principal Designer


You’ve left the safety of a corporate UX team to drive UX for a startup. Congrats! You know you need to make quick impact for credibility and value to the product --and the company! But you’ve inherited a product lacking visual consistency or user-centered workflows... with new features thrown in hastily. Whew! What can be done in 100 days...and beyond for a long-term company UX strategy? I’ll share insights and lessons around the following points:

1) How do we exert design-driven influence?
2) How do we cultivate good habits around design process?
3) How do we deliver a product users will LOVE?

We'll look at a variety of useful steps taken from Day One, such as conducting a UX Audit, tracking UX Debt, building rapport with Sales and Marketing VPs, and advocating user research with design principles.

Event Type:
20/20 Vision
Tech Development and Strategy
leadership startup culture ux design

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