Avoiding the Marketing House of Cards

Wednesday, July 22
10:30AM - 11:30AM
Bellagio Raphael 2
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


Michelle Tripp
Nextonomy - Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


How does a startup get traction and build a user community that creates exponential growth? Facebook pulled the plug on organic reach, Twitter is suppressing and curating tweets, and Google is giving top search position to preferred brands. And now, deep linking between apps is threatening to create closed-loop customer flows. Not only do startups have to fight for exposure in a crowded marketplace, they’re losing control of their free connection to existing and potential users. Relying on user acquisition and engagement through organic search and social networks is building on a house of cards.

In this Core Conversation, we’ll discuss the latest strategies and tactics for growing users and maintaining a community. Whether you’re a lean startup or a performance-based brand, learn and discuss new insights on how to build a brand ecosystem that takes advantage of social media channels without giving them control of your hard-earned users. The purpose of this session is to encourage discussion on emerging shifts in customer path and define new ways to approach user acquisition and community building, with action items that can be put to use immediately.

Questions addressed:

How can startups and brands attract followers to landing pages and conversion channels without a big media budget?

Which startup brands are the best examples of how to use content strategy for fast traction?

How can startups and brands prepare for the emerging shift toward deep linking between apps that reduces user autonomy?

Event Type:
Core Conversation
Branding and Marketing
startups social media marketing

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