The Best City in the World May Not Be a City At All

Tuesday, July 21
3:15PM - 4:15PM
Bellagio Raphael 1
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


Helen Todd
Sociality Squared - Co-Founder & CEO


Jey Van-Sharp
MyÜberLife - Business Advisor & Strategist


Jim Hopkinson
Hopkinson Creative Media - Pres


Martin Waxman
Martin Waxman Communications - Pres


Our personal and business identities are tied to the identities of the cities where we live and work. Or are they? Regardless of what we do, citizenship is evolving from a purely physical presence to one that encompasses the online, digital – and soon to be virtual – worlds. We are members of the connected class, part of a distributed workforce, and trade in Bitcoins and social currency. Is the best city in the world a physical city at all?

It’s undeniable our cities are cultural hubs where creativity and commerce collide. To live in a city is to be a part of a force often greater than the country it calls home. They embody the intersection of desire and possibility.

However, our neighbors are no longer those who live across the street or hall from us. Global is the new local and we collaborate with team members from across the world. Does art, culture, and community drive economic growth online as it does offline? And what does it mean to be a good digital citizen? Join in our lively discussion as we explore these topics!

Event Type:
Branding and Marketing
culture commerce city identity

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