Tools to Strategically Position Your Brand

Monday, July 20
3:15PM - 5:00PM
Bellagio Da Vinci 1
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


Marc Levitt
MSLK Design - Creative Dir & Co-Founder


Sheri Koetting
MSLK Design - Chief Strategist


In this hour and a half long workshop, we will cover best practices for market research and positioning. Each participant will create a positioning chart, craft a unique selling proposition, identify 1-3 target audience profiles, and create 3 key brand stories. With this information, brands will be prepared to begin effective creative exploration with an in-house or consultant creative team. Participants will leave this session armed and ready to execute targeted marketing, sales outreach and design explorations that directly answer business goals.


3:15 MSLK Team Introductions
We will run through 1-2 sample case studies to talk about our approach and process in action.

3:30 Participant Introductions
- Who are you?
- What is your business?
- What is your “elevator pitch?”
- What is currently your biggest business challenge?
- What do you hope to get out of this workshop?

3:45 Competition
We’ll explore:
- How to define competitors?
- How to review competitors?
The competitive space will be reviewed with a marketing lens focusing on each competitor’s unique selling proposition, overall brand tone, and overall look and feel.

4:00 What is your unique selling proposition?
Participants will be shown how to review and position existing brand assets in order to best capitalize on this white space. This will be crafted into a unique selling proposition, mission statement, or bullet points that convey key points of difference.

4:15 Break

4:30 A brief review of competitors for participants to prepare their own charts, and identify their own unique selling proposition

4:45 Target Audience
We’ll explore:
- What kind of audience would be especially receptive to this offering?
- What are the underlying motivators for this audience?
- Participants will take a look at their target audience, identifying their emotional motivators, income levels, and lifestyle choices.

5:00 Preparation of target audience profiles, and a round of questions.

Event Type:
Branding and Marketing
marketing and branding brand building strategic branding

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