Can Business Build a Better World?

Monday, July 20
4:30PM - 5:30PM
Bellagio Raphael 1
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


Barrett Ward
FashionABLE - Founder/CEO


Brittany Merrill Underwood
Akola Project - Pres/Founder


Bryan Papé
Miir - Founder & CEO


Kirsten Dickerson
Raven+Lily - Founder & CEO


For the majority of American history, solving social problems has been seen as the job of government, religious groups and charities. Yet in the last ten years there has been an unprecedented boom of 'social entrepreneurship' – the idea that for-profit business models can be leveraged to generate meaningful change for the world's most pressing issues. While a creative use of capitalism, can businesses that pursue a double bottom line of purpose and profit truly succeed? In this panel, three social entrepreneurs – Barrett Ward of fashionABLE, Kirsten Dickerson of Raven+Lily and Brittany Merrill of Akola Project – will share the catalytic experiences that inspired them to start their mission-driven businesses, and the trials and triumphs that they have experienced along the way. The panelists will candidly discuss what it takes to build an ethical and competitive enterprise that not only thrives, but helps others do the same.

Event Type:
Creativity and Inspiration
start-up social impact social entrepreneurship

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