Building a Product that gets Millions of Users

Monday, July 20
3:45PM - 4:15PM
Bellagio Tower Ballroom 4
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


Jason Nazar
Docstoc/Intuit - Founder


Having a great idea alone isn’t the key to business success - getting users will make or break your business. Getting millions of users launches a business into the category of true success. In order to get to disruptive customer growth, entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand how to create a product from the ground up that will drive customer engagement and loyalty. It is imperative that entrepreneurs understand how to create a consumer savvy product that appeals to the audience they’re trying to reach. In a time where a new startup is created nearly every hour, it is crucial to follow some sage wisdom that rings true for almost any business regardless of industry. Docstoc Founder (acquired by Intuit) Jason Nazar will give a powerful, innovative, honest, and even humorous look at how to take something from good to great in the path to a million.

Event Type:
20/20 Vision
Product Development and Execution
business product development innovation

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