How to Use Neurobiology to Make a Successful Pitch

Monday, July 20
10:30AM - 12:45PM
Bellagio Da Vinci 1
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd


John Bates - CEO/Founder


Have you ever wondered why you didn't get the investment?

In this fun, interactive session with Leadership Communication Expert, John Bates, you will learn the secrets behind pitches that succeed. You will leave ready to apply the secrets of PitchCraft to all of your pitches, starting with opportunities at SXSW V2V. From internal presentations to fundraising & client pitches you will learn not only what works, but why it works.

John has trained teams to take pitches from disaster to success, raising hundreds of millions of dollars. For PitchCraft, John enhanced his own already extensive experience by interviewing many top funders in the Startup, Healthcare & International funding ecosystem.
1. You will become more successful by understanding that: “Communicating with human beings is not logical, it’s biological.” 
2. You will understand some of the key components of having great meetings with Venture Capital teams and other funding entities. 
3. You will gain tools to enable you to meet potential funders on an even playing field and understand how much you bring to the table for them.

Prerequisites/What to Bring:
All participants must bring a notebook and something to write with, and, be ready to share a two minute pitch about themselves, their startup, or anything about which they are passionate in order to participate.

Event Type:
presentation skills public speaking pitching

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