Using Music As a Vehicle For Social Change

Monday, July 14
4:35PM - 4:55PM
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Belmont 5
3708 S Las Vegas Blvd


David France
Revolution of Hope - Exec Dir



In today's world of one dimensional cyber relationships ensemble music can provide the multidimensional community people are seeking. As humanity is striving to forge a new basis for unity in the future, how do we effectively build learning that encourages creativity, strengthens connectivity, and supports entrepreneurship and leadership? Traditional systems and methods have excluded many and not kept pace with contemporary needs and evolving standards in society. Pursuing innovative solutions to social issues through the arts is poised to be one of the 21st centuries most meaningful compliments to the history of music performance and education.

International performer, innovative educator, and visionary leader David France will discuss how he is making an impact on society not only with his music, but through sharing his knowledge as a gift of service toward the happiness of inner city youth and communities.

Event Type:
20/20 Vision
Social and Cultural Impact
education music social entrepreneurship

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