The Chameleon Way: How to Approach Multi-Device UX

Monday, July 14
11:15AM - 11:35AM
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Belmont 5
3708 S Las Vegas Blvd


Michal Levin
Google - Sr User Experience Designer



We have entered a multi-device world. A world where people own multiple connected devices—PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and beyond—and are already using them together, switching between them, in order to accomplish a single goal. Still, most products today replicate the same experience across devices, treating them as silos, making only minor adjustments to accommodate device-specific size and form factor. In this session, I'd like to introduce an ecosystem approach for designing multi-device experiences - one that focuses on context. At its root, is the realization that along with changing devices, people's needs, behaviors, usage patterns and settings also change en route to their goal. What does that mean in terms of designing multi-device experiences? how can we approach these new challenges? what are the opportunities? and what do chameleons have to do with all of this?

Event Type:
20/20 Vision
Creativity and Inspiration
user experience design cross-device multi-device

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