“Print the Legend” Film Screening

Monday, July 14
8:30PM - 10:30PM
Inspire Theater
501 Fremont St


In keeping with our mission to share what it takes to be an entrepreneur and build a company, SXSW Film is honored to present a very special screening of the 3D printing documentary, Print the Legend, at SXSW V2V on Monday evening, July 14.

Print the Legend provides an intimate look into the lives of those racing to bring 3D printing technology to our homes. Recently winning a Special Jury Prize at the 2014 SXSW Film Festival and premiering worldwide this fall by Netflix, this documentary shares the “Macintosh Moment” of the ongoing revolution and explores what it takes to live the American Dream.

In addition to the screening, producer Steven Klein and filmmaker James Clay Tweel will be part of a special Closing Speaker session just ahead of the film -- from 5:30 - 6:00pm in Belmont 2/3 -- revealing insights into how their filmmaking journey mirrored that of many startups.

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Special Events
Film Screenings
Creativity and Inspiration

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